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Consulting strategies to improve compliance and operations


Tailored content, nursing CE's , virtual and in-person trainings

Clinical Leaders

Tools, resources and support for leaders in post-acute care


Coaching for aspiring and established nurses building a business

Nena Hart


With over 20 years of experience in post-acute care, I have developed an authentic and practical approach to problem-solving that helps leaders mature and thrive in their roles.
Fostering a culture of compliance and empowering engaged leaders with the necessary resources to succeed, I have a proven track record of facilitating growth and innovation

Driven by enthusiasm and a passion for excellence, my goal is to make a positive impact in the post-acute care industry and the lives of healthcare professionals, driving organizations toward success and improved patient outcomes.

Customized Coaching for Post-Acute Care Leaders and Consultants

We believe that successful coaching requires a customized approach that aligns with your specific goals and challenges. We are dedicated to helping post-acute care leaders and consultants achieve excellence and make a positive impact in the industry.

We empower post-acute care leaders and consultants to become influential change agents. We help you develop the ability to navigate complex challenges and drive positive transformation.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide targeted guidance to maximize results. We focus on refining your problem-solving abilities and leveraging technology to deliver data-driven solutions. 

Navigating change is a constant reality in the post-acute care industry. We'll help your organization build a resilient and adaptive workforce while enhancing compliance to thrive amid industry shifts and challenges.

Cultural competence is essential for effective leadership and consulting. We facilitate open dialogues and guide you in developing an organizational culture that fosters collaboration and understanding.

Elevate Your Post-Acute Care Organization:
With Coaching, Consulting, Education, and Retreats

Navigate the path to excellence with our comprehensive services tailored for post-acute care organizations and their leaders. Optimizing operations, ensuring compliance, and fostering a positive culture, our specialized solutions and coaching drive innovation and sustainability. 

Healthcare Consulting
& Education

With specialized resources for process improvement and strategic planning to nursing education with CE's, we support providers and professionals with the tools needed to thrive.

Coaching Leaders & Entrepreneurs 

We work with high-performing individuals and organizations to drive tangible results. Managing change, improving staffing, regulatory compliance, implementing new systems or EMR, and exceeding targets.

Speaking, Publishing & Content Creation

Impactful insights, delivered through various channels. We cater to businesses and individuals seeking to establish thought leadership and drive meaningful engagement online.

Corporate and Group Retreats 

Carefully coordinated to create a relaxing and meaningful experience for healthcare professionals to connect and grow together.

Grow with Me!

Through individualized counseling, tailored coaching, and education programs, I am dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals to unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve meaningful growth. Through a united vision, individuals can contribute to the success of the entire organization.

With a focus on developing a growth mindset, accountability, communication, influence, and proactive strategic planning, I will help guide leaders toward the growth they desire as an individual or for their own company. Together, we will uncover unique strengths, cultivate resilience, and create a roadmap to reach identified goals and see real progress quickly.

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